10 Must Have Plugins for Your Online Store

Getting your online store open for business can be overwhelming. Use this guide to save time searching for the tools you need to get started!

Find yourself doing more thought and research into opening an online store than actually, well, opening it?

Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of software and services that “every business needs”?

Having a hard time figuring out what’s essential at startup vs what you can add as your online store grows?

If you’ve chosen WordPress to build your shop’s website, you’re in luck. The 10 plugins for your online store that you see below will cover all your bases. Don’t fall into the trap of planning forever! Use this to get your store open for business fast!

10 Must-have WordPress plugins for your online store

Depending on a couple different factors like your size and the host you’ve chosen, you may not need each and every one of these. Don’t worry, that will be addressed for the relevant plugins below. Other than a couple that fit that criteria, you can use this guide as a checklist for getting your digital doors ready to open asap!

1. Ninja Shop

Sure we’re biased, but Ninja Shop is the quickest and easiest way to start selling on WordPress! Setting up your store online shouldn’t take days. It shouldn’t take tons of extra plugins. Ninja Shop is fully featured right out of the box, bringing your new business all the options it needs in one powerful but very easy to use ecommerce solution. Start your store risk free, start selling fast, and stop getting frustrated with complicated, complex ecommerce packages!

2. Ninja Forms

Every business needs a way for customers to reach out. Pre-sales questions, support, product feedback, testimonials, the list goes on. Ninja Forms offers the flexibility to meet each of those customer and business needs with an extraordinarily easy to use drag-and-drop form building interface. Much more than just a contact form, you can design complex forms with ease. Easily integrate with other services farther down this list too for a better experience for you and your customers!

3. iThemes Security

There are bad guys out there. They will take advantage of unprotected sites, especially business sites. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent security plugins for your online store. iThemes Security is one of the best. Get protection against various forms of online attacks, ban nefarious actors, shoot down spam, and scan your site regularly for any foul play. iThemes Security does all this and more. Get protected!

4. UpdraftPlus

Every website should have a good way to backup and restore. Especially a business website! UpdraftPlus is one of WordPress’ best options to restore your site like new if disaster strikes. Unlike some other popular options, they make it easy to both back your site up, and restore to one of those backups very easily in the event of an emergency. While backup and restoration sounds like a complicated or tech-knowledge dependent process, UpdraftPlus makes the process simple and your business safer.

5. Yoast SEO

No business will get far without visibility. SEO (search engine optimization) is your online visibility. You want to appear as high as possible in every Google search related to your product or service… but how? The world of SEO is extraordinarily complicated, but Yoast SEO pulls together a perfectly beginner- friendly format. An SEO audit presented in a tidy box on every post and page, with tips and strategies for improvement. It’s a much needed guide in the forest of SEO.

6. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Data based decision making is a must to guide the strategy of any growing business. Online, there is no greater gatherer of data than Google. Diving straight into Google Analytics is a great way to drown in data for most beginners, though. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP plugs your website into Google Analytics and brings data home to your WordPress dashboard in a way that’s much more manageable. See how people are finding your site. Where they’re coming from. What they’re looking at before and after a sale, and much, much more in a beginner-friendly way.

7. MailChimp

Staying in touch with customers, sharing news and knowledge, and generally fostering a positive relationship is invaluable. Almost any business values repeat customers, and building relationships is integral to establishing a loyal customer base. Ninja Shop integrates natively with MailChimp, GetResponse, and Campaign Monitor, so there’s actually no extra plugin to gather here if you’re a Ninja Shop user!

8. Cloudflare

This one may be optional depending on your store’s audience, and your host. Have a fantastic hosting plan that serves your product pages at lightening speed anywhere in the world? Only catering to a specific region/geographic location? You may not need this service.

Cloudflare is a CDN (content delivery network) service that has servers all over the world. That means that using them, when a potential customer attempts to load a page, it’s served to them from somewhere relatively close. Result is faster page load times, which is always a good online business practice.

9. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

If you’re selling a product, then chances are you’re website is going to be picture-heavy. Even if you’re offering a service, pictures of you and/or your crew out on the job may be plenty. Image heavy pages can be slow to load, and in the fast-paced, hectic lives of most of your target audience, that’s not a good thing. ShortPixel Image Optimizer does exactly as the name implies, optimizing your images for faster page load times. Not only does it provide a better user experience on your site overall, this plugin for your online store can help your SEO as well.

10. Help Scout

Last on the list, but by no means the least important. Offering great support to your users and customers does wonders for customer retention. It also establishes a reputation for your brand as one that’s willing to stand behind its product. The benefits offering fantastic support can’t be overstated, and Help Scout puts you in a position to succeed in that task. This plugin for your online store brings the Help Scout Beacon service to your site, allowing you to manage customer support much more efficiently.

If you put all or even most of the plugins above to work for you, you’ve set your online business up for success.

Getting an online store together for the first time can be hard, we get it. We’ve done it a couple times ourselves 🙂 Even if you’re already up and running, some of the plugins here can definitely address pain points your business might be facing. An important, and difficult, part of growing a business online is finding the right tool to help address the struggles you’re facing. Hopefully this guide helps!

Comments are below! Are there any must have plugins for your online store that you’d like to add?

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