5 Apps to Help Your Business Run Efficiently.

So you’ve got your e-store up and running. Great! Your products are selling and you’re keeping track of your sales data and projected numbers. Even better! However, where do you go from there? Is there a new product you could be building? Is there something you are already doing that could be done better?

Growth and productivity are somethings that should always be somewhere towards the front of every business owner’s mind. This can be a constant search for whatever is next, or an in-depth look and reflection into how things are currently done. Today, lets take a look at five apps that can help your business’s research, productivity, and operations so you can keep growing in the right direction.

Here are five apps that can help your business's research, productivity, and operations so you can keep growing in the right direction.Click To Tweet


No one knows your business better than you do, and I’m willing to bet you already have a number of different irons in the fire already. The problem with juggling to many ideas around is that you always risk one getting forgotten or lost. Trello is a great flashcard system where you can keep all of your ideas in one place! Actually, Trello has many different uses. It can serve you as a to do list, a place to easily organize research notes, develop and alter outlines and timelines, or even an activity tracker. Trello is the perfect app to visualize your projects and workload. Its free to use so see what it can do for you.


The great thing about inspiration is that it can strike at anytime. Incidentally, the bad thing about inspiration is that it can strike at any time. The next great idea can hit you at any moment, but you might not have time to explore it while in an accounting meeting or doing research into product lines. When that happens, put it in your pocket. Pocket is a multi-platform and sync-able app that will let you save for a later time videos, articles, images and more at the click of a button! This way, you can come back to these ideas at your own time. Pocket is offered on a free and premium version, so try it out risk free.


One of the greatest feelings in the world is when you finally get your website looking like the professional site you’ve been picturing in your head. One of the most frustrating feelings in the world is realizing that the size of your professional photographs are slowing down the load time of your website. Image size is often overlooked when looking at how to make a site run as smoothly as possible, but its a simple fix. ImageOptim is an app that will compress your images, while keeping them looking great and your website running fast. This way, you can keep your images looking just as good, if not better, as other ecommerce sites without sacrificing anything. There is a small monthly fee, but if you’re experiencing site slow down then this might be the solution you’re looking for.


Running a business can make your head spin. There is just so much to keep up with, and trying to keep up with multiple calendars can cause a huge amount of stress. Try todoist instead. Todoist is an organizational dream. Control your to do list, your jobs, the locations you need to be, and priority, all with a few simple inputs that you fully control. You can also delegate jobs to others! Best of all, you can also track your success rate and productivity because todoist will map your productivity trends for you! That kind of data can be lifesaving when looking for where to improve your productivity. Todoist is free so signup and start building that data!


Wouldn’t it be great if you could have your customers carry your products around with them to show others? That’s easier done than said with appmaker. Appmaker will allow you to build an app for iOS or Android in a few simple steps. You control what your app looks like and how you want to be presented to your customers. Simple, efficient, and easy. Let your products work even harder for you by making them mobile accessible in less steps.

Businesses are complicated machines and require a lot of focus and effort, but you don’t have to do it all yourself. Any of these apps can help focus your business and keep you working strong, efficient, and moving forward. Do you have any apps that you use but we haven’t mentioned here? Be sure to share them in the comments below and let us know what has been working for you!

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