7 Ways to Improve a Small Business in 30 Minutes a Day

Trying to improve your business can be a daunting challenge. Often this is because we don’t know where to begin. We all have goals that we are working towards but knowing how to make current practices better has hazier steps than, “Sell X amount of product by Y date.” The other reason that improving business can seem more difficult than your daily affair is the sheer amount of time it may take when our schedules already seem to be pressed to the maximum. Well they say the first step is the hardest, so today, let’s look at seven ways you can improve your small business, and do so by devoting just 30 minutes a day to it.

Build Bridges

One of the greatest things you can do for your business is network. Reach out to other businesses in your area with an email introducing yourself, what you do, and what plans you have for the future. You may strike gold and find someone who is trying to do something similar and wants to join forces. You may not find anything right away, but once you introduce yourselves to others around you, they may think of you and reach out to you first in the future.

Burn Bridges

Okay…maybe not burn your bridges, but maybe close a few down for repairs. Do you have a connection or a venue that worked great in the past but served its purpose or hasn’t been producing recently? It may be time to re-evaluate this source and either let it go, or put it on pause for a while. This can help make your regular work more efficient by freeing the valuable time you were spending on it.

Follow Up Emails

Hopefully, you already take time during your work day to focus on emails (if you don’t that’s step one right there). Follow up emails, however, are different than just following through on normal work emails. Pick a few customers at random and email them asking how they are liking their product. This is a great way to get some honest customer feed back, and it makes you look really good by making your customers feel like you thought of them. You may not hear back from everyone, but at the very least you can remind some customers of your site and increase your chances of creating return customers.


According to MarketingProfs, more than 2 million articles are published everyday online (Hooray!  I’m part of that!). Obviously we can’t ready everything, but that means there is a good chance that something new in your field of interest everyday! If you don’t take the time to find it, that information may never come to you. If you want to stay on the cutting edge of the informed, then researching and reading for just 30 minutes a day is where you need to begin.

Read for Pleasure

Not everything has to be work related. Sometimes you need a mental vacation to checkout for a few minutes. Reading is a great way to rejuvenate yourself, but reading for pleasure can also spark creativity and increase motivation. It can be a reward you use at the end of your day while also lowering stress enzymes that you may be producing throughout your work day. These enzymes can actual inhibit your brain’s processing power, so taking time for self care is also taking time for your productivity.

Get Social

I know getting on social media may not sound like something very productive, but it is a great tool to reach your customers where they already are. Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit have plenty of marketing strategies, and you don’t have to always pay to boost your post. With daily practice and diligence, you can keep a steady stream of marketing going towards your customer base. Social media is also your best venue to tell your story and make your company more human to your guests. It may not sound productive, but 30 minutes a day can be a great customer awareness strategy.

Take an Online Class

I’ll be honest, you’re going to be hard pressed to find a college or university that offers a course that meets for only 30 minutes everyday. There are, however, a ton of apps and organizations out there that you can look to to further your education and do it on your own time. No matter what your interest or need, you can probably find a topic of study out there to develop or refine your skills.

If you have any steps you have taken in the past that you have found improved your business, be sure to share them in the comments!  With regular diligence, however, each of these practices can help make you a better business person and increase the effectiveness of your company. Give each of them a two week trial and see for yourself what these things can do for you.

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