Abandoned Cart Email: Your Best Friend for Site Traffic and Sales

When it comes to online shopping there are some common habits that a lot of customers have. Late night browsing, impulse purchases, and hunting for for the best deal are a few behaviors that customers seem to share (present company included). One of the essentials of keeping your online sales up is knowing how customers usually behave and how to organize your site to compliment these behaviors.

One thing I know I’m particularly guilty of is filling up my online shopping cart with items, and then never following through with the purchase. Hello. My name is James, and I routinely abandon my online shopping carts. Even worse, I’m not alone.

Abandoned Carts: Keep Them Coming Back for More.

Abandoned cart emails are short messages you can send to your users to remind them what they were recently looking at, but never followed through in purchasing. They are also essential because they give you a quick and easy opportunity to remind visitors of your site of what they are missing out on! As a secondary bonus, if you remind your visitors to create an account so they don’t lose items in their cart then you can also increase your subscription list.

People abandon carts for a number of reasons. They are saving ideas for later, planning for future gifts, waiting on payday, or just searching for what’s new. However, this can be a nightmare for online sales. According to a google analytics, getting 30% return visitor rate is good and 50% is ideal. However, this means that the vast majority guests to your website visit and never come back!

When running an e-store, you don’t just want to increase your traffic with new visitors. You also want those same customers to keep coming back for more. It’s easy to feel helpless and not know how to do that, but sending out an abandoned cart email can remind those one time guest of your store. Even better, this will help them start building the habit of routinely checking your site.

How Do You Get an Abandoned Cart Email Out to Your Users?

When it comes to actually implementing an Abandoned Cart Email, there are better options than sending a personal email to everyone who hasn’t proceeded to checkout on your site. There are a number of different apps you can use to make this easier on your workload. Below are some of our recommendations.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

With a little bit of research, one of the first results you can find is WP Cart Recovery by Lee Willis. This is a fairly new app, but it is  straightforward and provides for you a quick and easy method to track your Carts. There is a Free and a Pro version, so give it a look and see how it runs for you.


Jilt is a service that is specifically built for increasing sales through your email marketing campaign, including Abandoned Cart Emails. This product will help you make sure you are using the best practices to reach your customers, write effective and customizable emails, and give you analytics to see the trends in your abandoned carts. Jilt does come with a cost, but it also offers a 14 day free trial. Take a look at it and explore its many features.

Mail Chimp:  Abandoned Cart

Mail Chimp is already one of the most trusted powerhouses in WordPress. You can take it even further and have it work for you through its Abandoned Cart feature. Mail Chimp allows you to customize your email to fit your site’s theme and the message you want to send to your customers. If you already using Mail Chimp, then this a great method to take it ten steps further. Email your users, keep track of your analytics, and build your customer base.

Abandoned Cart Emails really are a great system to reach out to your customers. It reminds them of your site, reminds them of the great products and services you can provide for them, and helps build your trust in the customers eyes by letting them know you are watching out for them. Explore some of the options above and see what works for you!

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