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There is a bit of an expectation online that everything should be free…and that sounds great on paper. The free and public exchange of information and ideas can lead to some great innovations. Who that doesn’t help, however, are the creators and innovators of those things. It’s hard to eek out a living for yourself if you give everything away for free. That being said, it’s also hard to compete when competitors are using the power of free. You can’t sell cheaper than free. How are you supposed to do it then?

Well…you have some options. You can sell advertising space on your site. You could offer something else that sets your company apart from the rest. You could even release some information for free as a hook for your customers and reserve the rest to be purchased. Another option, though, is to accept donations.  Yeah…you read that right. Donations.

Donations: Make your users and fans a part of your business.

Donations are not just for non-profits and charities. They can also help out small businesses, content creators, artists, photographers, you name it. One thing that people look for and respect is honesty, and you can’t be much more honest than letting your people know that you can’t keep doing what you’re doing for free. Bonus, by giving people a chance to donate, it also gives them a chance to give back to something that they enjoy and keeps you moving forward. This can build a feeling of ownership in your the things you create and the services you provide, which will help keep them coming back for more.

If only there was a quick and easy way to accept donations through your website without jumping through a bunch of technical hoops or downloading a bunch of things first!

Setting up your website to accept donations doesn’t take expensive plugins or even that much time out of your day!

Ninja Shop has a built in tool to accept donations that is quick and easy for you to use. In just a few short minutes you can be up and running and ready to take donations.

Offer your users any number of fixed donation amounts

First, from the dashboard click on Ninja Shop and go to Features.

From there, look for the option Customer Pricing. This will allow your customers to set their own price when buying a product. Make sure that this feature is enabled.

If you need, you can also click on the gear icon to open the settings. Here you can change the “or more” label and the “Name Your Price” label (which we’ll cover in a minute for variable donation amounts). Once you have the Customer Pricing enabled go to All Products and start a new product with Add New.

First, scroll down the advanced section of the product creation page and look for the section Customer Pricing. From there check the box beside Enable customer price options for this product.

This will change the window so that you can set several different Pricing Options by choosing Add New Price. This will let customers choose the donation level they want from a drop down menu on the product page depending on what prices you input here.

You may also notice that the Price and Sale Price boxes at the top of the page now read custom. You can see how the new pricing options will be displayed by selecting Preview Product on the right side of the screen.

Let your users offer any variable amount within a range

You can also check the box beside Let customers name their own price. This will let your customers set their own price for your product or donation. Set the minimum and maximum amount that your customers can put in and you you are good to go.

Once everything is set just the way you want it, publish your new donation page and start linking to it from elsewhere on your site, your social channels, however you want to promote it.

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Accepting donations is just a few steps away with Ninja Shop. It’s quick, easy, straightforward and gives your customers the ability to give back to you. Comments are below! Would you like to see any other ways to accept donations in your online store?

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