How the Psychology of Colors Affects Your Sales

Are you not getting results from your call to action?

You’ve tried everything: moving the button, resizing it, changing the wording, but still no joy?

As human beings, colors have a powerful effect on our emotions and can also influence our behaviors. This also applies to your website.

I’m not saying to add Vegas-style bright lights and vibrant, flashing colors to attract business! Thankfully, those days of the Internet are gone… forever!

Imagine, if you would, walking through a forest on a brisk autumn afternoon. Bright yellow sunshine permeates the trees. As you progress along the trail, leaves of bold shades of red and warming pigments of orange line the path. Relaxing, right?

Harness this in order to invoke powerful responses to your call to action and increase sales for your business.

Below, I’ll explain how you can use different colors to influence purchasing behavior.


Red elicits a sense of urgency, excitement, power, hunger, and passion. It should be used moderately as to not overwhelm your customers. Running a sale or have a call-to-action on the page? Try making the button red so that it draws the attention of your visitor.




Both orange and yellow are vibrant attention grabbers with a duality of purposes. These colors are associated with high energy and optimism, but can also give a sense of caution. Did you find yourself paying a little extra attention to the word “caution” in the last sentence?


Green associates your product with health, the environment, and positivity. Is your product environmentally friendly or promote good health? Try using green!


Blue conveys a sense of dependability, trustworthiness, and loyalty. While blue may not be an attention grabber, it can make your clients feel calm and safe. You will see this used a lot with banks and insurance companies, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, MetLife, and Bank of America.


Purple exudes a feeling of royalty. Pairing accents of purple with other colors, such as black, conveys a noble, profession feel.  The Infiniti luxury car brand uses purple as their accent color.


Black makes a statement. It is associated with authority, power, elegance. Also, much like I mentioned above for red, be careful not to overwhelm your customer with too much!


Calm, collected, relaxed. White denotes cleanliness and purity. Use this as a background or accent for other colors.  Apple utilizes white and black within its branding to great effect.

Stand out and get results

Like I mentioned above, humans are visual creatures. The clever use of color on your product pages, CTAs, and more can really make the persuasive difference in what you’re offering. This does not mean to paint with all the colors of the wind. Mix and match different colors to find what really makes your CTAs pop, increasing your conversions so that you’ll be seeing green!

Comments are below! Do you know of other techniques to make your pages really pop?

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