General Settings

The General Settings for Ninja Shop can be accessed by going to Ninja Shop > Settings > General tab

Company Details

  • Company Name – This is the name of your Shop and is used in customer receipts.
  • Company Tax ID – This is your company’s Employer Identification Number (EIN)
    Click here for more info about obtaining a Tax ID in the US
  • Company Email – The Email address that your custom inquiries will be directed to
  • Company Phone – Your customer service phone number
  • Company Address – The address for your company
  • Base Country – The country where your company is located
  • Base State/Province – The state or province where your company is located

Store Settings

  • Order Products By – The order in which your products will be listed on your site
  • Order – This option sets your orders to be listed by either Ascending or Descending order

Currency Settings

  • Default Currency – Used to set the default currency for your Ninja Shop
  • Symbol Position – This setting determines the location of your currency Symbol. Either before of after the number. Where should the currency symbol be placed in relation to the price.
  • Thousands Separator – This option sets your Thousands separator when displaying prices
  • Decimals Separator – This option sets what character would you like to use to separate decimals when displaying prices

Customer Registration Settings

  • Customer Registration – This option determines whether to use Ninja Shop registration only or to use the WordPress registration settings
    Note: In order to use the WordPress registration setting, you will first need to check the “Anyone can register” checkbox from the WordPress General Settings page to allow site membership.
  • Default Checkout Form – This setting sets whether to use the Registration or Login form as the Default Checkout form.

Stylesheet Settings

Custom Stylesheet Styles – If they exist, this lists the files that will be loaded in order after core Ninja Shop stylesheets

Admin Settings

  • Visual Editor for Product Description – Choose whether to Enable Visual Editor for Product Descriptions
  • Enable Popup – Choose whether to Enable the Popup
  • Enable Zoom – Choose whether to Enable Zoom. If enabled, Zoom will occur in the popup when popup is enabled.
    If Zoom is enabled, then you can choose if you would like Click or Hover

Customer Messages

Customer Account Page – A rich text editor to enter your content for the Customer’s account page.

Available shortcode functions:

Shortcode functions are called in the following format: [ ninja_shop_customer show=avatar avatar_size=50 ]

  • first-name – The customer’s first name
  • last-name – The customer’s last name
  • username – The customer’s username on the site
  • email – The customer’s email address
  • avatar – The customer’s gravatar image. Use the avatar_size param for square size. Default is 128px
  • site-name – Your site name