Installing Features

Installing the Ninja Shop Connect add-on

After purchasing Ninja Shop a link to download Ninja Shop Connect will be available on the purchase confirmation page.

The Core NinjaShop plugin will need to be installed to take advantage of the NinjaShop Connect Add-on (

A download link will also be present in your confirmation email.

When you click on either link, the Ninja Shop Connect add-on will be downloaded automatically.

To install the add-on, log into your WordPress site and navigating to Plugins > Add New.

From this page, click the Upload Plugin button, then the Choose File button.

Choose the Ninja Shop .zip file from your saved location.

Then click “Install Now.”

Installing Features

One Ninja Shop Connect is installed, you will automatically be directed to the page to connect to Ninja Shop.

If, by chance, you navigate away from this screen, you can also connect by navigating to Ninja Shop > Features.
Then click on the Connect button at the top of the page.

You will then be asked to confirm the connection between your site and Ninja Shop.

Once you click on the Connect button to confirm the connection, you will be redirected back to the Features page on your site. When you are connected, the Connect button will change to Manage Account.
On the Features page, you will see three tabs, All, Enabled, and Disabled that can be used to sort the available Features.

If you click on the manage Account button, you will be taken to a page where you can view your Profile, Purchases, Downloads, and Connected Sites

To add a Feature to your site, hover over the button on the right of the Feature and it will turn to enable. Once the button is pressed, the page will reload and the button will change to Enabled. You can click on the button again to disable the Feature.
The gear to the left of the button takes you directly to the settings for that Feature.

The green line on the left of the Feature denotes that the plugin is available but not enabled.