Getting your MailChimp API Key

In your MailChimp dashboard, go to “Account”

Under the “Extras” tab, click “API Keys”

Click “Create a Key” at the bottom of the page.

Your new key will be listed under API Key. It includes the country code at the end, e.g. 476025ba25fd1884cc6dd3a5f1fbfe04-us11

Adding your MailChimp API Key to Ninja Shop

To get to your MailChimp settings, click on Ninja Shop > Feature  Then click on the gear for the MailChimp Feature.

Enter your MailChimp API key then save your changes.

Your lists will then be shown in the MailChimp lists dropdown.

Sign-up Label – This is the label shown next to the sign-up option on the registration page.

Enable Opt-in – Check the Checkbox next to Enable Opt-in to display an opt-in checkmark. The user will only be added to this list if they select the when registering for an account.

Enable Double Opt-in – If you check the Checkbox next to Enable Double Opt-in, users will be sent a confirmation email from MailChimp after signing up, and will only be added to your list after they have confirmed their subscription.