Manual Purchases

To add products to your customers, you can either go to the Users menu in the WordPress menu and then select the Add Product(s) link for the specific user you’d like to add the product to:

Or you can go to Ninja Shop > Payments and click the Add New button at the top of the page:

Starting from the Payments page, you’ll be able to either enter the username of an existing customer or create a new customer, select the product and enter the amount they paid for the product.

To select a Existing Customer, simply start typing the username into the text field.

If you chose the New Customer option, you’ll give the customer a username, enter their first and last name, their email address and then allow WordPress to create their password or chose to manually enter a password for the customer.

Next, you’ll select the product to add to the customer. You can filter the products by product type or you can use the search option.

Lastly, you can enter the price paid by your customer. You can leave this at the product price (which is automatically generated for you when you select the product) or you can change the price, for example, to $0 if you gave it to your customer for free.