The Ninja Shop Memberships Feature allows you to offer exclusive membership privileges to your website’s users. Use it to create new membership tiers, restrict access to content based on membership level,  and choose how exclusive content is made available. To see and use the features described here, you must have the Ninja Shop Membership Feature installed and activated.

Creating a Membership

If you are installing Ninja Shop for the first time with the Membership Feature included, you’ll be able to select Membership as one of your product types during the Quick Setup.

If you’re adding the Membership Feature to an existing installation of Ninja Shop, be sure the Feature is enabled under Ninja Shop > Features in your dashboard.

Add a new membership

To add a new membership, choose Add Membership below Ninja Shop in the dashboard.

This will open the new membership’s setting page, where details about the membership can be configured.

Configuring basic membership details

At the top of the new membership settings page you can set the title, price, sales price, description, featured image, and video for the membership’s product page.

Price will be a flat, one-time fee by default. This can be changed to a recurring fee under the Advanced settings of the page (Recurring Options).

Sales Price, if a value has been entered, will display beside the price on the page with a strikethrough over the normal price.

This can be set to appear only during a given date range, which can be configured under the Advanced settings at the bottom of the page (Sale Schedule).

Content Access settings

Content on your site can be made exclusive to members and membership levels.

Add New Rule

This feature allows you to restrict access to specific pieces of content to owners of this membership. Choose the Type of content (post types or taxonomies) and then the specific pages within that Type.

Content selected in this way can be given an access delay, either dripped out at an interval of days/weeks/months/years, or made available at once on a given date.

Add New Group

You can create numerous rules to restrict your content and sort them into groups. To do so, simply create a new group, name it, and then drag the rules you have written that you want in a single group into the space provided here.

Making specific files available with the Membership

The Product Files setting allows you to make specific files available only to owners of this membership.

Give your file a name, then under Source either paste a link to the download, or upload it directly into your media library. Files added in this manner will be made available for the user to download at the completion of their purchase.

Advanced Settings

Your Ninja Shop Membership’s Advanced Settings are where the real customization of your membership takes place. Click the Advanced button to expand the feature list.

Here you can add extended descriptions and additional membership information, set membership level (hierarchies), enable price options, configure taxes,  set product categories, and more.

Using Membership Shortcodes

There are 2 types of shortcodes available to use with the Membership feature.

  1. The first allows you to limit specific content on a post or page so that only members can see that content.
  2. The second allows you to display a dynamic list of restricted content (posts, pages, etc) that a user will gain access to if they purchase that membership.

Limiting sections of content within a post or page

First, highlight the section of content you want to restrict and click the Member Content button at the top of the editor.

From the window that opens, select the membership you want this content to be visible for and click Insert Shortcode.

Content access shortcode should now be visible wrapping the selected content.

On this post or page from the frontend, the content will now appear only for the membership group that you selected. To all others it will simply not exist, with no indication that anything is missing on the page.

List content included with a given membership

Adding the shortcode [it-exchange-membership-included-content] to the extended description of a product allows you to list the content included with a membership.

This will output a simple list of items. This list can be modified using built in arguments added to the base shortcode.

These are the different arguments that you can add to your shortcode.

  • product_id – This is the current product id. Note: We do not recommend changing this.
  • before – In the “before” argument, you can add HTML that you’d like to have show before each content item listed. Note: “Before” argument must be added when using the Text view in the Extended Description.
  • after – In the “after” argument, you can add HTML that you’d like to have show after each content item listed. Note: “After” argument must be added when using the Text view in the Extended Description.
  • title – The “title” argument allows you to display a title before the list of content.
  • toggle – This option allows you to make grouped content (ex: items within a specified category) to be toggled instead of all items listed. This option is “on” by default.
  • posts_per_grouping – This allows you to limit the number of items shown for each taxonomy included in a membership.
  • show_drip – This shows drip content available in the membership listed. This option is “on” by default.
  • show_drip_time – This option shows when the drip content will become available. This option is “on” by default.

Shortcode Examples

“before” Shortcode Argument:

[it-exchange-membership-included-content before='<h4>"Before" Code</h4>']


after” Shortcode Argument:

[it-exchange-membership-included-content after='<h4>"After" Code</h4>']


title” Shortcode Argument:

[it-exchange-membership-included-content title='Gold Level Membership Content']


toggle” Shortcode Argument:

[it-exchange-membership-included-content toggle='on']



[it-exchange-membership-included-content toggle='off']


posts_per_grouping” Shortcode Argument:

[it-exchange-membership-included-content posts_per_grouping=2]


show_drip” Shortcode Argument:

[it-exchange-membership-included-content show_drip='on']


[it-exchange-membership-included-content show_drip='off']


show_drip_time” Shortcode Argument:

[it-exchange-membership-included-content show_drip_time='on']


[it-exchange-membership-included-content show_drip_time='off']