Modify Default Redirects

The Modify Default Redirects Feature allows you to select where a customer is directed after they log in or register. To get to the Modify Default Redirects settings, go to Ninja Shop > Features and click on the gear next to the Modify Default Redirects Feature.

In the settings for the Modify Default Redirects Feature, you first select which Page Type you’d like to use for the following options:

Successful log-in from the Log-in page
Successful log-in from the Checkout page
Successful registration from the Registration page
Successful registration from the Checkout page

Note: Checkout page options will only show if you have the Multi-item cart Feature enabled.Based on the Page Type you select, you’ll see a list of page or post options.

Under Page Type there are 4 options.

If you choose and option other than Default, you will be able to choose the Landing page from the select list.

Once you select the page or post, save your settings and the user should now be redirected to the designated page after successful login/registration.