PayPal Standard – Secure

These instructions pertain to the PayPal Standard – Secure Feature

To get to the settings, click the gear next on the PayPal Standard – Secure Feature under Ninja Shop > Features

Step 1: Enter your PayPal Email address

Step 2: Fill out your PayPal API credentials

Visit the PayPal Express Checkout page and click “Sign Up Now”.  Complete the questions about your business, and then log in to your PayPal account.
If you already have a PayPal account, you can login and go to your PayPal Dashboard.

In your PayPal Dashboard, click “Profile”, then “Profile and Settings”

Under “My Selling Tools” in the left sidebar, find the “API Access” line and click “Update.”

Under NVP/SOAP API Integration, click “Manage API Credentials”  You will find this near the bottom of the page.

Click Show for the “API Username”, “API Password”, and “Signature” respectively.  These are the credentials you will add to Ninja Shop under the PayPal Standard – Secure settings.


Step 3: Setup PayPal Auto Return & Step 4: Setup PayPal Data Transfer (PDT)

Go to Profile and Settings under your PayPal Dashboard > Selling Tools then click on Update next to Website preferences

Turn on the Auto Return for Website Payments option, then add the URL from your PayPal settings page, and click save.

You can then turn on the option for Payment Data Transfer

Step 4: Optional Configuration

You can change the label text for the Purchase button.

Enable Sandbox (Testing) Mode

To enable PayPal Sandbox, check the Enable PayPal Sandbox, checkbox.

You will then see fields to enter your PayPal Sandbox Email Address, API Username, API Password, and API Signature

To get your Sandbox API Credentials, go to and log in with your PayPal account.
Once logged in, go to your developer Dashboard

Under “Sandbox” on the left sidebar, click “Accounts”, then “Create Account.”

Complete the “Account Details” for your new account to your specifications (add PayPal balance, simulated card details and more), then click “Create Account” at the bottom of the form.

Select the BUSINESS account you’ve created from the “Accounts” screen, and click “Profile”

In the “API Credentials” tab, you will find the credentials for your new test business account.