Creating Variants

Once you install and activate the Product Variants Feature, you will see Product Variants in your Advanced Options. Check the box for Enable variants for this product.


Click the Add New Variant button to start adding your product variants.

Your variant options are:

  • Dropdown
  • Radio
  • Color
  • Image

There is also a preset variant for Size which is a dropdown menu. You can change the values in the Size preset, but it gives you a starting point with the sizes small, medium and large.

Once you’ve added a variant, you can add values to that variant. For instance, if you create a color variant, the values would be something like black, white, etc.

Once you’ve finished adding your variants, you’ll need to save or publish your product. Once you do that, you’ll then be able to add variants of your variants, pricing, images and inventory.

Variant Pricing

Variant Pricing will allow you to assign specific prices to various combinations of your variants.

Once you’ve created and saved your variants, you will then see Variant Pricing in your Advanced options.

Select the product combination for which you’d like to set a specific price, for instance Any Color and XXXL size, then click Add New Price Variant. A price field will show when you can enter the price for that variant combination and then update/save your product.

Variant Images

Variant Images allows you to create galleries specific to your variants.

Once you’ve created a variant for your product and updated/saved your product, you will now see a Variant Image tab in the gallery portion of your product.

There, you can pick the variant combinations you want to create galleries for. Keep in mind that you don’t want to create a variant gallery for your default variant. For instance, if your preselected color is black, you won’t create a variant gallery for the black option. Instead, you’ll use the regular product gallery.

Once you’ve created your galleries and updated your product, your customers can not only select their preferred variant option, but see an image or gallery of images specific to that variant.

Variant Inventory

Variant Inventory allows you to track the inventory for each individual variant combination, not just the product as a whole.

Once you’ve created your variants then updated/saved your product, when you go into Inventory in Advanced Options, check the box for Enable Inventory Tracking for this Product then you’ll see the option for Enable Inventory Tracking for variants?

Once the inventory reaches zero for a particular variant combination, the customer will see an out of stock message on when they select their options.