Quantity Discounts

In order to see the settings for Quantity Discounts, the Quantity Discounts Feature and Multi-item Cart Feature must be enabled.  To do this, navigate to Ninja Shop > Features and click the button to enable each Feature.

Enable Quantity Discounts

Enable Multi-Item Cart

How to create a Quantity Discount

  1. Once both Features are enabled, create a new Product or edit an existing product to view the Quantity Discount setting.
  2. On the Edit Product page, scroll down and click the “Advanced” button to view the advanced options.  In the settings that appear, click on the “Quantity Discounts” tab.
  3. Click the checkbox to enable Quantity Discounts
  4. Under Quantity, enter the number of items that must be added to the cart in order for the discount to occur.  Under Price, enter the discounted price per item. Note: This is the actual price you would like the user to pay per item, not a price to subtract from the normal price.
  5. You can add multiple tiers of discounts as well

In the user’s shopping cart, when the quantity is updated, the appropriate Quantity Discount will update the price per item: