Recurring Payments

In order to see the settings for Recurring Payments, this Feature must be enabled by navigating to Ninja Shop > Features within your WordPress installation.

To enable Recurring Payments, edit or create a new product.  Scroll down to the Advanced settings. (Click the “Advanced” button if the settings are not present.)

In the Advanced settings, click the Recurring Options tab. Check the Enable Recurring Payments box.

Once you have enabled the recurring options, you’ll be able to set how often the product would recur.

If you want the payment to be charged automatically when it’s time to renew, check the Enable Auto-Renewing option.

With Auto-Renewing enabled, you can also offer a free trial of the product (for Membership products only). To do so, check the Enable a Trial Period setting and then select how long you’d like for the trial period to be.

Subscription Pausing Settings

Navigate to Ninja Shop > Features and click the gear icon.

  • Allow customers to pause their own subscription – During this time, the customer’s payments will not be renewed, and they won’t receive access to the subscription’s benefits.
  • Limit Pauses – Limit the number of times a customer can pause their own subscription. Leave empty for unlimited.

Customizing Recurring Payment Emails

Navigate to Ninja Shop > Settings.  On the page that appears, click the “Emails” tab.

Click the blue gear icon next to an email in order to edit it.