Setting up Your Shop Pages

Page Settings

You can customize how Ninja Shop pages are created by navigating to Ninja Shop > Settings within the sidebar and clicking on the Pages tab.

Page Type

  • Ninja Shop – Allow Ninja Shop to generate a dynamic page
  • WordPress – If you would like to use an existing WordPress Page, you can select “WordPress” from the dropdown list.  You would then select a page in the dropdown under Page Title.  Copy the shortcode provided and insert it into the editor of the page you selected.
  • Disabled – If a certain page is unnecessary, you can hide it altogether by selecting “Disabled” from the dropdown menu.

Page Title – customize the title of the page

Page Slug – customize the slug of the page URL

The checkbox for compatibility mode  and auto-create WordPress pages will convert all Ninja Shop pages into WordPress pages and automatically insert the necessary shortcode within the page.

Adding Ninja Shop Pages to the Navigation Bar

  1. To add Ninja Shop pages into your navigation, navigate to Appearance > Menus.
  2. Select your desired menu or create a new menu.
  3. If you chose to let Ninja Shop create its own pages, expand the “Ninja Shop” category.  If you chose to embed Ninja Shop within existing WordPress pages, you would expand the “Pages” category.
  4. Select each page you would like to add to your menu and click the “Add to Menu” button

5.  Under “Menu Structure”, drag pages around to rearrange them as necessary. When you have finished ans chosen the location of the menu, click the “Save Menu” button.