Turn Your Hobby into Income with an Online Shop!

Selling the things you make for fun is a lot easier than you think!

Do you make candles? Soap? Baskets? Love to paint? Build birdhouses? Knit? So many of us have really cool and interesting hobbies. Produce things that other people would really be interested in having in their own homes. You’ve probably thought about selling the things you make, turning your hobby into income, but haven’t gone through with it. Why?

Maybe you’ve written it off because you just don’t think you have the technical skills to start a website?

Looked into the “easy-to-use” platforms like Etsy or ArtFire, but have been stumped or frustrated by the limitations on making your store your store?

Afraid you’ll just not get the visibility or interest to actually make it worth it?

Full stop. You can do this. You don’t have to be a tech-y kind of person. It’s easy to put together an online shop that’s truly your own and not get nickel-and-dimed with listing/transaction/processing fees. Promoting your shop, drumming up interest on Facebook, Instagram, or whatever your social thing is isn’t hard with the right tools either.

Here’s how to turn your hobby into income the quick and easy way!

You can put together an online shop that’s truly your own with little to no technical skill.

Many websites that offer you a place to sell your arts and crafts online don’t really give you a website. You’re renting space from them, and with that comes rules and restrictions. And cost.

Do you want to:

  • Design your site to your liking, including your website’s name?
  • Control your own branding?
  • Not worry about your products conforming to someone else’s guidelines?

Then you need the freedom that only WordPress offers. It’s very easy to get started.

1. Pick a host, click a button, you have a website.

It’s really that easy. There are many great hosts that make building a WordPress website literally just the click of a button. Here are a few of them:

In the process of signing up you’ll get to pick your own domain name (i.e. mysoap.com, artbymary.org, etc). It can be virtually anything you dream up, and won’t have to carry some other site’s branding like other platforms force you to!

All of the hosts above offer managed WordPress hosting, meaning you have a one click install to get your site online. All WordPress installs look the same when they’re brand new, but don’t worry. You can customize to your heart’s content very easily. That’s next!

2. Customize and design your website to your heart’s content

Themes are what make a WordPress website’s look and feel unique, and you have tens of thousands of options to choose from. Pick one that gets you the basic look that you want, and you can tweak it from there.

You’ll find thousands of options completely free at wordpress.org. If you’re willing to pay a bit, there are ever more options with designers like StudioPress or Elegant Themes.

Want to get really fancy and control all the little moving pieces? There are even page builders that let you design pages by just dragging things around and dropping them where you want them 🙂

Want to add functionality like contact forms, calendars, and such? Browse the 50,000+ plugins that are offered for free through WordPress at your leisure. Each will add a unique new thing/feature/function to your site. If there’s something you want to do that you can’t yet, there’s probably a plugin for it!

Close to having your website where you want it look and feel wise? It’s time to turn it into an online shop and turn your hobby into income. You just need one plugin!

3. Turn your website into an online shop with one plugin

There are a variety of commerce plugins for WordPress, but Ninja Shop is the quickest way to start selling online. It’s designed to be accessible to anyone, even if this is your first business venture on your first website. You won’t need one bit of technical skill to build your shop- there’s a setup wizard that will walk you through getting your products set up, featured, and ready to buy!

Even though it’s designed to be simple to use, the plugin offers every feature you’ll ever need for an online hobby shop. Even if it grows into a full-time business. That’s the idea! 😉

Taken the advice above? Enjoy selling your own products, from your own website, no strings attached!

Just want to sell a few of the neat things you craft and create on the side? Have an eye towards making your hobby a full blown supplementary income, or even a full-time job? Whichever end of the spectrum you fall on, the advice above will get you started down your path. And see you through to your goals.

Comments are below, and we’d love to know what’s on your mind! What questions do you have about turning your hobby into income?

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