Need Something New? Fresh Ideas for the Perfect Product

When running an e-store it’s important to keep your eyes open for new opportunities. You can have the best product in the world for your genre, but this is not always a guaranteed recipe for success. One of the largest inevitables of working with the internet is being prepared for change. The history of online sales is paved with stores that have risen and fallen in the blink of an eye.

One of the biggest factors that has lead to each of these companies failure is not keeping up with the ever changing atmosphere of their customers’ needs. The perfect product today may not be needed tomorrow. To that end, let’s take a look at a few practices you can use to come up with fresh ideas for the perfect product!

4 helpful ways to come up with fresh ideas for the perfect product

Follow the Leader

You should always keep at least one eye on your competition. This is especially true whenever your competition tries something new. With that in mind, we are going to start these practices with what is probably the easiest to implement:  steal your ideas for the perfect product from someone else.

You don’t always want to follow behind other companies. It’s important to take your own risks and create your own innovations. This will help give your company its own voice and help you stand out among the competition. On the other hand, you also don’t want to be left behind when other companies find a method that works. Beyond this, you should also resist the temptation to copy and paste. Even if you are following someone else’s practice, you should still try and put your own spin on it or improve it in someway.

What is Needed in the Market?

When you need to create something new, the next thing to analyze is what is currently needed in the market. People are not going to purchase something that they don’t have a need for. That’s an obvious statement, but it is also something that can be easily forgotten in the excitement of having a new product to sell. With some creativity and some research you can find out what the next big thing could be.

Is there a pain that you can solve? Do you know a new and better method to a common problem? Is there product available to you locally that is need online, or vice versa?Is there a season or a holiday that needs something new? Answering these questions can help you know what direction to take and what has the best chance of selling. You will still want to research and test whatever you create, but knowing what voids are in the market is your best bet at finding what will sell.

Look at Your Resources

A great activity that can strengthen your creativity is to place limits on yourself.  After all, it can be pretty overwhelming to start with everything and be able to make anything. You also don’t have to start from scratch every time you need to come up with ideas for the perfect product. Take a look at your resource and supply lines and see what you already have available to you.

Is there anything new you can create from what you already have available to yourself? You may not be able to create an entirely new product right away, but you may have more of the components than you think. It also doesn’t have to be an entirely new product all of its own. You could find inspiration to create a better version of some of your current products. After all, special editions and deluxe versions of already great products are all over the place.

Can You Compliment Your Current Products?

No one knows your product like you. You know the entire process from production to shipping. With that, you know what can make it better or break it. Take a look at your current products and ask yourself what is missing. What can you create that would go perfect with your current sales?

Furthermore, a complimentary item can go a long way to increasing the impulse purchases on your website. Recommending a product that goes along with another is can motivate someone into making an addition purchase. It also gives you a further marketing strategy by bundling some of your products.

There you have. Four great methods to come up with a new product. With the right amount of research and diligence you can have a new product in now time. Do you have a process you have been following to create something new? Be sure to share it in the comments below and let us know what has been working for you.

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