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There are many, many different focuses we have to juggle when running a business, and these come and go depending on the season. There is, however, one constant focus that never disappears: maintaining and increasing revenue. After all, money makes the world of business go round. One of the best tried and true methods to help increase revenue is to offer a sale on your products. This has the benefit of encouraging immediate sales while also giving you the chance for return customers in the future.

The downside to running a sale is that it cuts into your profits per item. Though this is often not a killer, it can sometimes feel like a hard hit when trying to maintain a cost of operations. Thankfully, there is a fantastic solution that allows you to better control these sales: coupon codes. Coupon codes in Ninja Shop give you the ability to:

  • dictate what items are on sale
  • how long a sale can go on for
  • how frequently the sale price can be used
  • who can participate.

Today lets look at how you can quickly and easily create a coupon code that is already integrated with your Ninja Shop!

Create and Customize Your Coupon

If all you are interested in is creating a coupon code, then I have great news. Ninja Shop can have you rolling in a matter of seconds. From the dashboard menu, select Ninja Shop and find “Coupons”. If you’ve made any coupons previously then you will see them all listed here. Otherwise, select “Add New” at the top of the page.

In the new page you can begin customizing the heart of your coupon:  Name, Code, and Amount. If you don’t have a plan for what you want your code to be, select the dice beside the text box and Ninja Shop will generate a random one for you. Under “Amount” you can also set whether you want your discount to be a set dollar amount or a percentage. If that’s all you are looking for, hit “Save” and move on. Otherwise, let’s look at how to further customize your coupons.

Schedule your sale dates and what products the coupon code is good for

Scrolling down you will find what I like to think of as the control center. The four options on the left are how you will customize the rest of your coupon. “General” is pretty straight forward. Simply set your start and end dates and whether or not you want the discount to apply to per-product or for the entire cart purchase.

Set up how often your code can be used

“Usage” lets you control how many times the coupon can be used before it will be retired. It should be noted that this number is for global usage, not per customer. This means that if it is a coupon you expect to be frequently used, you are going to want to set a high number to compensate. Likewise, if it is for a specific customer, you may want to set a very low number in case it is shared.

Limit your code to specific customers and number of uses

Leaving any of the options under “Customers” unchecked will make sure that your coupon can be used by any customer as many times as they need. Otherwise, if you have members you can set what customers can and can’t use the coupon, as well as the frequency. This is a feature that can be used to offer your users a tiered reward or giveaway.

Apply to only specific products, or all of them!

Finally, you may not wish for your coupon to be used on all of your products. Under…”Products” you can limit your coupon to certain products, exclude it from others, or just prevent it from being bundled with items you already have on sale.

Once you are done checking your work, hit “Save” and you have a coupon to start sharing or advertising with. Ninja Shop’s coupon creator really is much more than just a sale generator. It’s a tool to thank your loyal customers, an advertising boost, and even a way you can push you excess stock. It’s one of the fastest and best features Ninja Shop offers! Give it a shot and see what it can do for you.

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