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Recently, we talked about how to start a small business based on what you are already doing every day. Maybe you are taking that article to heart, or maybe you are just one of the many entrepreneurs out there making a business for themselves. It’s no secret that you don’t need a website to start a small business. Lots of companies get by through the operation of a Facebook or Google Business account. However, in the modern era of business you do need a website if you want to grow your small business. 

Why You Need a Website. 

Don’t get me wrong, having a Facebook or Google Business account isn’t a bad thing. In fact, I encourage you to have one just to cast a wider net for customers. But a website you can craft and customize all your own is still hugely needed. With your own website, you can give your customers more information in a more organized format. You can even begin reaching out to customers through emails and newsletters.

In addition, having your own website will also help increase your companies Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is essentially your companies rank on a search engine. If you run a landscaping service, for instance, your SEO determines how close to the top of search results your company falls when someone looks up, “Landscaping Near Me”. Having your own website will help increase your SEO and give you a leg up on the competition. 

With all this in mind, let’s look at the basics of how to build your own website. 

Step 1:  Choose a Host

The first things you are going to need for your website is a domain name and a host…unless you want to set up your own a server room somewhere, but we are starting small here. There are lots of web hosting companies out there and their job is to make running and maintaining your own site as easy as possible. GoDaddy, Bluehost, and Kinsta are just a few that we can recommend.

Explore whichever works for you, create an account, and simply follow the instructions to search for and purchase the domain name you need (your domain name will be your website’s name, i.e.

When choosing a host, be sure to pick one that offers managed WordPress hosting. It will make Step 2 very, very easy!

Step 2:  Install WordPress

So you’re now the proud owner of your own domain and you’re ready to start building your business’ website. The easiest way to do that is with WordPress!

WordPress is an open source we development software that powers more than 33% of the world’s websites. It’s straightforward, user friendly, and hands down the easiest way to get an attractive, feature-rich website up and running as quickly as possible. 

Most hosting companies offer 1 click installs for WordPress. Others will simply set it up for you. Just log into your account’s control panel and you shouldn’t have to look far!

Step 3:  Your Theme For Your Style

One thing you don’t want is for your website to look just like everyone else’s. You need your own identity to make sure you are memorable. You are going to want to select a theme that you can build your identity around. Fortunately, WordPress has a plethora of free themes to choose from, and many of these themes can further customized with your own photos, color schemes, and fonts. 

Furthermore, different themes will fit different website purposes. A business website that sells physical products, for instance, may need a different theme and layout than one that sells services. Make sure you explore and test a few different themes to make sure you find the one that best fits you. 

You can find thousands of free themes right from your WordPress installation after you have that set up. Head to Appearance > Themes in your dashboard, click Add New, and be prepared for lots and lots of options!

Step 4:  Ninja Shop Will Take Care Of You

The main purpose of all business websites is really the same. To make money. But you can’t make money without having a way to take and process orders. That’s where Ninja Shop comes in. You shouldn’t have to take a course in web design and management to run your business. 

Ninja Shop is crafted to be the fastest and most straightforward way to get you online sales off the ground. We pride ourselves on our ability to get you open for business the same day you install with just a few short steps. Follow our tutorial and the set up wizard and you’ll be going in no time

Step 5:  Profit

Finally, the moment you’ve all be waiting for: Profit. Run a practice sale by purchasing something yourself to make sure everything is good to go and you are in business.

It really only takes a few dollars and an afternoon of work to get yourself up and running, and the benefits are well worth your time. If you get confused or stuck, just remember that there is lots of help out there, because we at Ninja Shop want you to succeed. Happy crafting!

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