Could You Be Paying Less per Transaction?

Here’s a way to make one of your fixed costs a little more flexible!

Taxes. Transaction fees. Both expenses that you can’t do much of anything about, but that eat into your budget. They both feel like a problem with no real solution. Just have to accept them as the cost of doing business and move on, right? Not so fast. We can’t help you with your taxes, but…

There’s now a convenient new option in Ninja Shop that can lower your per transaction fees!

We’ve gotten a lot of requests for integration with Ninja Shop. It’s finally here, and features significantly lower per transaction fees and additional discounting for non-profits!

Can really save my business money? logoIt very well may. For businesses that already have a merchant account, has the lowest per transaction fees of any payment gateway integration we currently offer. A $10 transaction will cost you 10¢. A $100 transaction will cost you 10¢. A $1,000 transaction will cost you 10¢. You get the picture. does not charge a percentage based transaction fee with their Payment Gateway Only plan. For business owners with a merchant account, that can translate into major savings.

If you do not have a merchant account, you may still be looking at savings if you do business internationally. While there is a $25 monthly gateway fee with all plans, there’s no additional transaction fees for international sales.

Nonprofit? Don’t miss this! offers per transaction discounts to nonprofits, which is great news in and of itself. If your organization depends on fundraising, that isn’t even the best news yet, though.

4aGoodCause, a premier fundraising platform, has special pricing for users. Total transaction fees for a donation of any size can cost you nothing more than 59¢ (plus $49/month for 4aGoodCause’s service). You can learn more about the integration here.

Yes, I want to save money. How do I link Ninja Shop with

If you’re a Ninja Shop subscriber, all you need to do to access is:

  • Enable in your Ninja Shop dashboard (Ninja Shop > Features)
  • Sign up for an account

If you’re using the free plugin but aren’t a subscriber yet, sign up now!

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