Ninja Shop starts at

When you make $500/month we charge an additional 0.9% of revenue.
Monthly cost is capped at $99


Our pricing model is different than most WordPress plugins. Let us explain why.

How will my costs change using Ninja Shop?
  • Rather than buying a set of add-ons upfront, we charge $9 a month for everything Ninja Shop has to offer. This includes access to all available add-ons. If we create a new add-on or integration, you immediately have access to it.
  • Charging a monthly fee lets us defer your costs until your store starts making money. As your store grows, we charge an additional 0.9% on all monthly revenue only after you reach $500 a month. This keeps the barrier to entry low, while allowing us to give you the support response times and updates  you need to keep your store up and running.
  • That being said, we don’t want to be a tax on your success, so our fee will never exceed $99 a month. This hard cap will keep your cost for Ninja Shop fixed, even when your store becomes wildly successful.

Why a monthly fee?

We want Ninja Shop to be the easiest way to get your store up and running. Everything about the user experience is designed with this mind. Ease of use, though, is only one of the challenges you’ll face starting your eCommerce store. The cost of software can also be a huge barrier. Purchasing a complete solution can cost thousands, especially if you want to create a membership site or offer recurring subscriptions. And that’s before your store has even made its first sell.

We decided we wanted to be the solution to that problem as well, so we came up with a different way to sell Ninja Shop.

Originally, our plan was to use the same model that we use for Ninja Forms: three pricing tiers with different add-ons available in each. As we considered it more, though, we came to the conclusion that spending $99 to $499 up front to start something that hasn't earned a single cent is tough for many. This is especially true if you don't even know if your idea will work. By starting at $9 a month, customers can feel free to get started and not break the bank.

Why base the fee on a % of revenue?

Scaling our monthly fee on revenue allows us to defer the costs of getting your shop up and running. If you wanted to build a membership site under a traditional pricing model, for example, you’d need to pay hundreds of dollars up front, and then every year. With Ninja Shop, you can build the entire site for $9 a month and your fee only increases if your site makes money. The total fee cap of $99 means that this is not an infinitely scaling fee.

Does this price impact support?

As a store grows so do the expectations of customers. If you're selling under $500 a month, you don't generally need a super fast turnaround time on patches or support inquiries (although we always strive to be fast). When your store is making thousands, or tens of thousands, those response times become more mission critical. Basing this sustainability on the scale of revenue ensures that cost matches the value received and does not become a financial strain. Running an eCommerce site ourselves, we know exactly how important having immediate support responses can be.