Ninja Shop

Selling requires a product, and building a store requires a great set of tools. Let Ninja Shop help you build a store that's going places.

When you make $500/month we charge an additional 0.9% of revenue.
Monthly cost is capped at $99

Sell Products

Sell your memberships, custom made, wholesale, or drop ship products from the same shop as your digital MP3s, PDFs, eBooks, or any other downloadable product.

Products & Transactions

Whether you are selling 1 product or 1000, Ninja Shop has you covered. There are zero restrictions on the number of products or transactions you can process, ever.

Accept Payments

Process transactions with PayPal Payments Standard, PayPal Payments Secure, PayPal Pro, Stripe, and Allow customers to pay offline with cash and checks, even process payments manually yourself.



Sell single items directly from product pages, allow customers to purchase multiple shopping cart items in a single transaction, or both in the same store.


Built-in controls for US & Canadian sales tax, EU Value Added Tax (VAT), flat rate, free shipping, and table rate shipping options for physical products.


Add categories and tags to your products for clear, easy organization and product grouping.

Essential Integrations for Your Start-Up

Start Getting Paid

  • PayPal

    PayPal Payments Standard Basic & Secure is the easiest way to securely accept credit card and PayPal payments online. Or use PayPal Pro and keep customers on your site throughout the checkout process.

  • Stripe

    Allow your customers to easily pay by Credit Card with our easy to use Stripe integration.


    Accept payments any time, anywhere with Customers never have to leave your site and a host of payment options are supported.


Build Your Mailing List

  • MailChimp

  • Campaign Monitor

  • GetResponse

Stay in touch with your customers to build a more loyal and engaged customer base. Keep them in the loop with news, updates, special offers and more with email marketing that's sure to bolster your sales numbers!

Custom Invoicing

Quickly and easily generate invoices for your customers whenever needed. A range of customization options makes professional, company branded invoices surprisingly simple.


Create a membership site that offers privileged access to pages, categories, tags, custom post types and more based on membership status.

Access to content can be granted on a custom schedule and time frame, including delayed access, drip content, and more. Set up member groups for teams, families, and more with a set number of "seats" per umbrella package.

Start Your Success Story TODAY!

Now you can make your store a reality with Ninja Shop as low as $9 a month.

Product Variants

Ninja Shop makes selling products with variants such as size, color, etc. extremely easy. Also, easily add price differences and manage inventory for each variation.

Recurring Payments

Sell subscriptions, collect membership dues, or collect recurring payments in a system that's easy to implement and manage.

Supports renewing on daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Allow customers to pause subscriptions, or set a specific number of payments to charge.


All the things you need to super charge your shop!

  • Product Inventory

    Ninja Shop will manage your inventory for you with live inventory tracking!

  • Quantity Discounts

    Discount a product based on the number purchased by a customer.

  • Customer Order Notes

    Allow customers to leave input and feedback with every new purchase.

  • Custom URL Tracking

    Create custom URLs for products and track usage.

  • Product Images & Featured Video

    Easily add multiple images and a featured video for every product in your store.

  • Free Offers

    Create free products with custom Buy Now and Purchase button text.

  • Modify Default Redirects

    Select where a customer is directed after they log in, register, and checkout.

  • Customer History

    Track and store customer browsing history with their completed payments.

Customer Pricing

Want to let your customers decide what they'll pay for your product or service? This feature makes it possible to allow users to choose their own payment amount for any item in your store, or make a donation.

You have full, line-item control over which items this feature is enabled for and the ability to set min/max values on the amount you'll accept.


Selling software or digital products that need updates? Ninja Shop's licensing feature supports auto updating, versioning, renewal discounts, recurring payments, license keys, and more. In-depth analytics reporting is baked in as well.

Start Your Success Story TODAY!

Make your store a reality with Ninja Shop for as low as $9 a month.

Sales Scheduling

Flash sales, holiday sales, sales because you feel like it! Ninja Shop makes it easy to create dynamic sales schedules by setting when a product is available at a discount.

Pricing will be modified for your selected items during that period, then revert to normal without any further intervention!


Incentivize sales with coupons! Easily create flat-rate or percentage discount coupons based on date, product, or several other factors. Great for special offers like free shipping and more!


Sometimes the most important things aren't related to the product

Ninja Shop Connect

While Ninja Shop offers dozens of add-ons, with Ninja Shop Connect you only need to install one. All of the add-ons available for Ninja Shop can be easily activated from within the Ninja Shop dashboard.

Automatic & Regular Updates

Updating Ninja Shop and its add-ons is a breeze: one click and you're done. We make updates easy so you can focus on what you do best.

Excellence in Support

We have 7+ years experience providing amazing support for a product that runs on over 1 million websites. Our highly skilled team of professionals are waiting to assist you.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Ninja Shop is a powerful, simple to set-up product, and we stand by completely. If you aren't satisfied for any reason, we'll give you a full refund for your first month.


Start Building Your Store Now

This is the time to take your store to the next level with Ninja Shop.