Want to Run a Sale or Offer a Discount? It’s Easy!

Running a sale or offering a discount in your online store shouldn’t take a ton of effort to set up or manage!

Do you have some extra product that you need to move quickly? Are you looking to increase your customer base by gaining more website traffic? Trying to make the best sales use of a holiday season (I’m looking at you National Cherry Popover Day shoppers)? The solutions for each of these is to run an online sale or offer a discount. Also lucky for you, Ninja Shop has these features built in and ready for use in just a few easy steps. Let’s take a look at how you can have your partial or full store sales up and running in minutes.

Enable Quality Discounts, Multi-Item Cart, and Coupons

The first step into giving your customers great sales and discounts is to give yourself the ability to make them.  From your Dashboard, go to the Features section of Ninja Shop and make sure you have Coupons, Mutli-item Cart, and Quantity Discounts enabled.

These three features are the backbone to providing your customers with every form of discount you business needs.

Sales Made Easy From the Start

If all you are looking for is to have a sale on specific items then Ninja Shop makes this easy from the get-go. Go into any product that you have created and you should see in the upper right hand corner of the product field boxes for Price and Sale Price.


Simply set your sale price on whatever items you need and update the product’s page and you are good to go. One step process to getting your items on sale.

Are They Buying in Bulk? Give a Discount!

People love getting things for free. It’s one of the great fuzzy feelings of the world when you get something for nothing. That’s why stores everywhere implement the subtle sale of “buy two and get the third one free” or “buy one and get one half off”. Ninja Shop also makes this easy to implement. Simply go the Advanced section of the product page, find Quantity Discounts and check the box to Enable Quantity Discounts for this Product.

This will allow you to set a new price for your product contingent on if your guest purchases a certain amount. For instance, you can set that a $15 item is sold for $13 an item if the customer buys five or more, $12 if they buy ten or more, ect.

You can also set up tiers  by adding more discounts for other quantities.  To make it even better, Ninja Shop will automatically add these discounts as soon as a customer reaches the set amount of items. It couldn’t be easier for both you and them.


Personal and Randomized Coupon Codes

So what we’ve talked about so far works great for discounting individual items. What if you want to offer a sale site wide or for just an individual customer? Ninja Shop has you covered there too. The easiest way to offer a site wide sale or an individual discount is to offer your guest(s) a coupon code they can redeem at checkout. Simply go to the Coupons section of Ninja Shop and select Add New to create your own. Simply fill out the information needed for each field and you are good to start advertising or distributing your Coupon.

You may also want to click through the other advanced options at the bottom of the coupon page. There, you can control how many times the coupon can be used, what customers can and can’t use it, and even what products it can and can’t be used with.

Some other notable features of the Ninja Shop Coupon feature is that it can be further customized. For instance, you can generate a random code by selecting the dice block beside the code field and you can alternate between percentage amount and dollar amount with the drop down menu beside the amount field.

Ninja Shop. Fastest Way to Offer a Discount. Hands Down.

With Ninja Shop it doesn’t take but a few minutes to get your sales, discounts, or coupon codes up and running. It’s just one of the many ways we want to make sure you know Ninja Shop is the fastest way to sell online. Have a sales feature your curious about but we haven’t talked about it yet? Be sure to leave it in the comments below so we know how we can best support you and your growing business!

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