Want to Offer a Subscription Payment Plan? It’s Easy!

Need a way to setup a subscription payment plan for your online store, but don’t want to spend a fortune on another expensive, complicated plugin?

Want to charge monthly for a license? Set up recurring billing for your service? Collect annual dues for your organization automatically? All very common things a business might want to do, and it shouldn’t break your budget. But…

If you’ve taken a look around for options, you’ve probably noticed that it can run you hundreds of dollars a month just to get this simple feature enabled. On top of that, the additional plugins needed are time consuming to setup and frustratingly complicated.

Despite what you might be thinking from your searches so far…

Offering subscription payment plans in your online store is easy and inexpensive!

Find the easiest way to get this set up without breaking your budget below.

Here is the easiest, most inexpensive way to setup a subscription payment plan for your online store!

With a very affordable Ninja Shop subscription, recurring payments are already at your fingertips. And just a few minutes from being enabled from any product in your store. Here’s how to do it.

1. Enable recurring payments for Ninja Shop

Under plugins in your WordPress dashboard, activate the Ninja Shop – Recurring Payments plugin (if you don’t see this, you’ll need to sign up for Ninja Shop).

With the plugin active, you can double check under Ninja Shop > Features to see that it is enabled. It will auto enable on activation, so this isn’t really necessary unless you’ve disabled it previously 🙂

2.  Pick your product and flip the switch for recurring payments!

Select your product from Ninja Shop > All Products, or create a new one. Under the product description in the Advanced section, you’ll see an option now for Recurring Options. Click that, check the Enable Recurring Payments option, and guess what?

You’ve enable recurring payments for this product! Now all that’s left to do is configure what this recurring payment will look like for your customers.

3. From the same menu, configure your recurring payments for however you want them to behave.

Once the switch is flipped, you’ll see configuration options for your new subscription payment plan. You’ll be able to set the number of days, weeks, months, or years you want the charge to recur for. You also have the option to enable auto-renewing. If you do, you can configure what that looks like too:

Want a sign up fee that differs from the recurring fee? plug it into the Sign Up Fee box. You can even enter negative amounts here to discount the initial purchase price.

Need to set a cap on how many times a customer will be charged? Set Mac Occurrences to that number. Perfect for 12 month subscriptions, for example.

You have your basic subscription payment plan set up now, but there’s still so much more you can do with it!

Want to be allow customers to pause their subscription payment plan? Under Ninja Shop > Features > Recurring Payments, click the gear icon. You’ll find options to enable customer pausing, and set a pause limit if desired.

Want to offer a trial period? Activate the Membership plugin (included in your subscription). You’ll find trial period options available on your product page under the Advanced > Recurring Options settings you were working out of above.

Want to customize recurring payment email notices? Head over to Ninja Shop > Settings > Email tab and pick the one you want to edit.

The information above gives you a complete, affordable, and easy to use way to offer your customers subscription payment plans. What are you going to do with it?!

Hopefully this gets you pointed down the right path for an affordable, easy to use subscription system. Comments are below- we’d love your feedback!

What are you offering in your store that you use subscriptions for?  How could we make this better for you?

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